Cache allows you to search through video streaming subscriptions efficiently and curate content from a broad variety of services

Project Summary


Interaction Design

Visual Design


Three weeks


Interaction Flow

Working Prototype

High Fidelity Visual Design


In progress

Literally me every time I search for movies and TV

Inspiration and Goals

I initially came up with the concept for Cache while I was on a plane back from CHI conference in Denver. As a lover of most types of media, and a sucker for anything with a good plot, I subscribe to a variety of streaming services, such Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

I wanted to create a way to search through streaming services without having to open up hundred of tabs. I decided to make this into a 3 week challenge to find out how quickly I could create an interactive experience as well as learn some new skills.


I gathered some quick research using a survey on Reddit. I did not anticipate this much of a response!

The biggest insight from this research was that more than 70% of users who use streaming services usually subscribe to more than one.

Another insight was that most users found the lack of ability to search across multiple platforms to be the greatest pain point in their media consumption.

In order to address these needs and pain points, I pursued the concept of creating a product that allowed users to search across multiple services, keep track of that content, and view it directly from a single platform.

I quickly mapped out the experience of a user searching for content. Here, you can see interacting with a new product or platform indicated in red. Users had to keep opening and closing platforms in order to find their content, which caused a lot of frustration. The flow underneath the shows a consolidated, simpler search flow.

Site Map

I had already sketched out a quick concept of the product and wireflow on the plane, but with the research insights in hand, I wanted to take a closer look at it.

How would this work? What did users want in it? I stepped back and considered the ultimate goals in creating the application. What did users need to accomplish?

As part of my original goal, I wanted to use as many new programs and learn as many new skills as possible. I focused on deepening my understanding of Sketch capabilities, and mastering prototyping in Principle in a matter of days.

First Principle prototype!

Working Prototype

This is a demo of the current working prototype for Cache. There are other stages that I am in the midst of building out. Check back soon for new states!

Next Steps

More States

Prototype more state and workflows

Build it!

I've found an API that could potentially make this work. Very excited to make it into a working product.

Test It

Validate my first attempt with more research and iterate